68th Senior National Kabaddi Championship – Women, All You need to Know

And finally the wait is over. The tournament for which fans were waiting patiently is happening. The Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India, governing body of Kabaddi activities in India, in its latest notification, has announced the plans for 68th Senior National Kabaddi Championship, Women. The tournament will take place at Parbhani, Maharashtra during 16th to 18th January 2022.

All you need to know about this tournament

Eligibility Weight – 75kg and below body weight

Eligibility Age – Open

All the matches will be played on mat. Every player has to wear playing shoes. Without shoes, no player will be allowed to to play.

All the players should fill up the entry form online and copy of it should be carried to the venue.

The organizing committee is going to provide boarding and lodging for the players and officials. This also includes local transportation from 15th Jan to 19th Jan 2022.

All the participants should wear a uniform having chest number in 4″ size on the front side and 6″ size on the back side. Any team or player violating this rule, can be disqualified.

No player will be allowed to play unless and until, they have completed the online registration.

All the players are required to carry their AADHAR card at the time of weighing. Without AADHAR card, no certificate will be issued.

All the states and affiliated units are required to send their online entries on or before 12 Jan 2022.