A right corner to a deadly raider – how was the Pawan’s journey?

In the last two seasons of Pro Kabaddi, Pawan Kumar Sehrawat has been named as the player who has caught everyone’s attention with his stormy game. Pawan, who has been playing since the third season of Pro Kabaddi, had a strong performance in the sixth and seventh seasons. Initially, however, he was not a raider. Pawan himself revealed this. He was speaking at a live session on “Beyond the Mat” hosted by the Pro Kabaddi League’s Instagram handle.

Speaking on the occasion, Pawan said, “Before I started playing as a Raider, I played as a Right Cover and Right Corner. When I joined the Indian Railways team, I was recruited not as a Raider but as a Right Cover and a Right Corner. Even in Pro Kabaddi when I got the chance, I got it as a right corner. Later I started playing as a raider.

Initially, I played mainly as a right corner. I used to raid for some times when needed. Then I started playing as a raider when the team needed me. My coaches then told me, “You’re playing right corner. Keep raiding too. Stop raiding if you stop scoring points.”

I kept playing and now play mainly as a raider. On the strength of his raids, Pawan scored a whopping 360 points in the seventh season of Pro Kabaddi. In the sixth season too, he scored 282 points and played an important role in the team’s victory.