Ajay is not just a great player but a great human being too 

The love of fans for the players is always a topic of discussion. Fans are willing to do whatever it takes to please their beloved player. Sometimes by getting a tattoo on their body or sometimes by drawing a picture of their favourite player. Former India captain Ajay Thakur has always been loved by the fans. Ajay is also seen heartily acknowledging the love of his fans. Even now, Ajay has accepted the love of such a fan.

Ajay’s fan named Vatsal Tiwari recently drew a picture of Ajay in a police uniform. When the picture was completed, Vatsal uploaded a photo of the picture on his Instagram handle. Of course, he had tagged Ajay in this photo. Ajay was happy to see the picture and shared it on his Instagram handle. Not stopping there, he thanked Vatsal from the bottom of his heart.

Vatsal was shocked to see his beloved player appreciating the picture he drew. He thanked Ajay for appreciating his picture. This photo uploaded by Ajay has been liked by leading kabaddi players such as Anup Kumar, Deepak Hooda etc. Ajay has accepted the love of his fans by sharing the picture drawn by Vatsal on his Instagram. With this small action, Ajay proved that he is not just a great player but a great human being too.