Asian Games 2018 : Indian Men’s Kabaddi Team outperformed the Thailand team by a huge margin

On the day 3 of the Asian Games 2018 Indonesia, Bangladesh, Japan, India, Iran, and Pakistan won their respective league matches.

Indonesia beat Malaysia 30-22 in group B. Bangladesh team won their match against Sri Lanka 29-25 in group A. Japan team won the neck-to-neck match against Nepal as 31-28 in pool B.

Indian team thrashed Thailand as 49-30 in their last group stage match in group A.

After that, the Iran team managed to win over Malaysia 58-24 and Pakistan defeated Indonesia 40-11 in group B.

Kabaddi Event Day 3 Results (21st August) :

Men’s Group B- Game 7: Indonesia 30 vs Malaysia 22 (Indonesia beat Malaysia by 8 points)

Men’s Group A- Game 7: Bangladesh 29 vs Sri Lanka 25 (Bangladesh beat Sri Lanka by 2 points)

Men’s Group A- Game 8: India 49 vs Thailand 30 (India beat Thailand by 19 points)

Men’s Group B- Game 9: Iran 58 vs Malaysia 24 (Iran beat Malaysia by 34 points)

Men’s Group B- Game 10: Pakistan 40 vs Indonesia 11 (Pakistan beat Indonesia by 29 points)