Baburao Chandere Foundation Emerged As A Winner At State Level Kabaddi Tournament

Many local Kabaddi tournaments are taking place in Maharashtra. With this Wayukumar Trophy, an invited local Men’s Kabaddi tournament was organised in Junnar, Pune. It was State Level Invited Kabaddi Competition.

Baburao Chandere Foundation, Nanded team became the champion of this State Level Invited Men’s Category Kabaddi Tournament. They cruise past the team Sharda Pratisthan, Beed 41-21.

Earlier in the semi-finals, Baburao Chandere Foundation, Nanded crushed Shahu, Kolhapur 33-09 & Sharda Pratisthan, Need managed to defeat Rakesh Bhau, Ghule 36-23 to reach the final of this Invited State Kabaddi Championships.