Baloda Bazar team won the title at Rural Kabaddi Competition

The rural Kabaddi competition was held in Dhanagarh, Raigarh, Chhattisgarh. Baloda Bazar team won the title. Raigarh Jila Panchayat president Nirakar Patel was present on the occasion.

Baloda Bazar team defeated Lailunga team in the final match. Over 40 teams appeared in this competition which was hold for four days. Rinku from Kharenti won the Best Raider award.

Chief guest Nirakar Patel awarded Baloda Bazar’s winning team with a cash prize of Rs. 22,222 & Madhuban Khurd shield. The first runner up team of Lailunga was given a cash prize of Rs. 15,555 & Jatara shield.

The second runner up team Kharasiya was given a cash prize of Rs. 7,777 & Darramuda shield. The third runner up team of Shakti was given a cash prize of Rs. 5,555 & Arjuni shield.

Nirakar Patel also congratulated the organizers for the successful organisation of this tournament. Retired Agricultural Services officer from Raigarh, DC Patel did the commentary in this tournament.