Day 2 Schedule: 30th Sub Junior National Kabaddi Championships

Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India (AKFI) recognized and Bihar Kabaddi Association organized 30th Sub Junior National Kabaddi Championships will take place in Patliputra Sports Complex, Patna, Bihar from 21st January to 24th January 2019.

The tournament is named as ’30th Jannayak Karpoori Thakur Sub Junior National Kabaddi Championships’. Yesterday (21st January) IAS Anjani Kumar Singh who is Advisor to Chief Minister Bihar, Ex-Chief Secretary, Govt of Bihar inaugurated the tournament.

27 teams of boys and 25 teams of girls have taken part in this tournament. Maharashtra boys team won their first encounter against Pondicherry. Orrisa and host Bihar also won their matches.

Here is the schedule of matches that will be held today in 30th Sub Junior National Kabaddi Championships.

Day 2 Schedule : 

Boy’s Section :

1) Punjab VS Jharkhand (Pool F)

2) Karnataka VS Assam (Pool H)

3) SAI VS Telangana (Pool A)

4) Uttar Pradesh VS Goa (Pool B)

5) Gujarat VS Kerala (Pool C)

6) Madhya Pradesh VS Vidharbha (Pool D)

7) Andhra Pradesh VS Bihar (Pool E)

8) Rajasthan VS Pondicherry (Pool G)

9) Andhra Pradesh VS Jammu and Kashmir (Pool E)

10) Haryana VS Delhi (Pool F)

11) Maharashtra VS Uttaranchal (Pool G)

12) Chhattisgarh VS Karnataka (Pool H)

13) SAI VS Chandigarh (Pool A)

14) Uttar Pradesh VS Orrisa (Pool B)

15) Tamilnadu VS Kerala (Pool C)

16) Madhya Pradesh VS West Bengal Unit (Pool D)

17) Haryana VS Punjab (Pool F)

18) Maharashtra VS Rajasthan (Pool G)

19) Chhattisgarh VS Himachal Pradesh (Pool H)

20) Delhi VS Jharkhand (Pool F)

21) Uttaranchal VS Pondicherry (Pool G)

22) Himachal Pradesh VS Assam (Pool H)

Girl’s Section :

1) SAI VS Vidharbha (Pool A)

2) Haryana VS Jharkhand (Pool B)

3) Delhi VS Rajasthan (Pool H)

4) Bihar VS Kerala (Pool C)

5) Chhattisgarh VS Gujarat (Pool D)

6) Telangana VS Madhya Pradesh (Pool E)

7) West Bengal Unit VS Goa (Pool F)

8) Maharshtra VS Uttaranchal (Pool G)

9) Delhi VS Pondicherry (Pool H)

10) SAI VS Orrisa(Pool A)

11) Haryana VS Uttar Pradesh (Pool B)

12) Bihar VS Karnataka (Pool C)

13) Chhattisgarh VS Assam (Pool D)

14) Telangana VS Himachal Pradesh  (Pool E)

15) Maharashtra VS Tamilnadu (Pool G)

16) Andhra Pradesh VS Rajasthan (Pool H)

17) west Bengal Unit VS Punjab (Pool F)

18) Karnataka VS Kerala (Pool C)

19) Pondicherry VS Andhra Pradesh (Pool H)