Day 20 Results: Yuva Kabaddi Series Summer Edition

Yuva Kabaddi Series Summer edition 2023 has started from 17th June 2023. Chamundi Vihar Indoor Stadium, Mysore, Karnataka is the venue of this summer edition of the tournament.

10 teams are participating in this competition.

The teams namely Hampi Heroes, Aravalli Arrows, Palani Tuskers, Periyar Panthers, Chola Veerans, Chambal Challengers, Nilgiri Knights & Sindh Sonics are competing here with each other for the trophy.

The team Kaziranga Rhinos has been eliminated after the survival round. Yesterday on (6th July) in the booster round, Chambal Challengers were dominated by Nilgiri Knights 19-27.

Palani Tuskers crushed Aravalli Arrows 43-31. Hampi Heroes defeated Chola Veerans 47-25. Periyar Panthers thrashed Sindh Sonics 43-33.

Day 20 Results:

1) Nilgiri Knights 27 – 19 Chambal Challengers

2) Palani Tuskers 43 – 21 Aravalli Arrows

3) Hampi Heroes 47 – 25 Chola Veerans

4) Periyar Panthers 43 – 33 Sindh Sonics