Day 3 Schedule: Khelo India Youth Games 2019

The Indian Central Government in associate with Maharashtra State Government has organized 2nd Khelo India games at Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex, Pune. Kabaddi matches are being held here.

Yesterday (15th January) Maharashtra U-17 girls got knocked out from the group stage. West Bengal girls won against Chhattisgarh in the same category. In the U-17 boy’s category, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh beat their opponents to move forward in the tournament.

Talking about U-21 boys section host Maharashtra lost to Kerala. Whereas Delhi and Tamilnadu outperformed their opponents. Maharashtra girls also won their match against Andhra Pradesh. Today some engaging and intriguing matches are to be scheduled.

Here’s the schedule of Kabaddi matches which will commence today.

Khelo India Youth Games 2019 Kabaddi Schedule :

Wednesday: 16th January 2019

09:30 AM – Bihar vs Maharashtra (Group A Girls U-17)

09:30 AM – Haryana vs Chandigarh (Group A Boys U-21)

09:30 AM – Tamilnadu vs Punjab (Group A Girls U-21)

10:15 AM – Uttar Pradesh vs Maharashtra (Group A Boys U-17)

10:15 AM – Haryana vs Himachal Pradesh (Group A Girls U-21)

10:30 AM – Punjab vs Kerala (Group B Boys U-21)

01:30 PM – Telangana vs West Bengal (Group B Girls U-17)

02:10 PM – Haryana vs Uttar Pradesh (Group A Girls U-17)

02:50 PM – Tamilnadu vs Madhya Pradesh (Group B Boys U-17)

03:30 PM – Maharashtra vs Uttar Pradesh (Group B Girls U-21)

04:00 PM – West Bengal vs Andhra Pradesh (Group B Girls U-21)

04:00 PM – Haryana vs Chhattisgarh (Group B Boys U-17)

04:50 PM – Chhattisgarh vs Rajasthan (Group B Girls U-17)

04:50 PM – Delhi vs Rajasthan (Group A Boys U-17)

07:00 PM – Uttar Pradesh vs Delhi (Group A Boys U-21)

08:00 PM – Maharashtra vs Tamilnadu (Group B Boys U-21)