Day 30: Yuva Kabaddi Series Monsoon Edition Results

Yuva Kabaddi Series monsoon edition has started from 10th September 2022. Harivansh Tana Bhagat Indoor Stadium, Ranchi, Jharkhand is the venue of this monsoon edition tournament.

10 teams have been participating in this competition. The tournament was inaugurated on 10th September. More than 200 players across India are taking part.

After the commencement of survival round Tadoba Tigers & Sindh Sonics were eliminated. At the end of the booster round Panchala Pride are out of the contention.

Yesterday (14th October) on the last day of challenger round, Hampi Heroes dominated Murthal Magnets 67-33. Kaziranga Rhinos crushes Maratha Marvels 46-35. Vijayanagara Veers thrashed Aravalli Arrows 54-50.

Day 30 Results:

1) Murthal Magnets 33 – 67 Hampi Heroes

2) Maratha Marvels 35 – 46 Kaziranga Rhinos

3) Vijayanagara Veers 54 – 50 Aravalli Arrows