Day 8 Results: Yuva Kabaddi Series 2022

Yuva Kabaddi Series has started from Saturday 28th March. Jaipur district, Rajasthan state is the venue of this tournament. 11 teams are participating in this competition.

The tournament was inaugurated on 28th May. Final match will be played on 5th June. 45 matches will be played in 9 days of the tournament. Eight days are over since the competition has begun.

In first match of yesterday (4th June), Panchala Pride thrashed Hampi Heroes with the score of 57-39. In the second match Aravalli Arrows defeated Mughal Mavericks with the score of 56-41

In the next match Tadoba Tigers crushed Periyar Panthers 51-42. Muthal Magnets beat Maratha Magnets 42-29. Kaziranga Rhinos thrashed Vijayanagara Veers as 59-38.

Day 8 Results:

1) Hampi Heroes 39 – 57 Panchala Pride

2) Aravalli Arrows 56 – 41 Mughal Maverick

3) Periyar Panthers 42 – 51 Tadoba Tigers

4) Maratha Marvels 29 – 42 Murthal Magnets

5) Vijaynagara Veers 38 – 59 Kaziranga Rhinos