Diet or Exercise? Abhishek and Ajinkya tell their choices

After a gap of two years, Pro Kabaddi League will kick off from 22nd December 2021. Bengaluru will host the entire league. Spectators are not allowed in the stadium. But they can get updates on social media handles and watch live SM platforms.

PKL teams are doing their best to engage with fans ahead of league kick off. In a video posted by U Mumba, Abhishek Singh and Ajinkya Kapre went under the swimming pool and answered the questions. They were given two options and had to choose either of them. The questions were about their favorite food, places, drink, festivals and many more things.

Questions and their answers were as follows:

Q: Pav Bhaji or Vada Pav?

A: Abhishek- Pav Bhaji

Ajinkya- Vada Pav

Q: Morning Person or Night Person?

A: Abhishek- Morning person

Ajinkya- Night Person

Q: Beach or Mountain?

A: Abhishek- Mountain

Ajinkya- Beach

Q: Raid or Tackle?

A: Abhishek- Raid

Ajinkya- Raid

Q: Tea or Coffee?

A: Abhishek- Coffee

Ajinkya- Coffee

Q: Diwali or Holi?

A: Abhishek- Diwali

Ajinkya- Diwali

Q: Deepika or Katrina?

A: Abhishek- Katrina

Ajinkya- Katrina

Q: Vegetarian or Non-vegetarian?

A: Abhishek- Vegetarian

Ajinkya- Non-vegetarian

Q: Dog or Cat?

A: Abhishek- Dog

Ajinkya- Dog

Q: Messaging or Calling?

A: Abhishek- Calling

Ajinkya- Calling

Q: Exercise or Diet?

A: Abhishek- Exercise

Ajinkya- Diet

U Mumba vice-captain Abhishek Singh has notched 209 raid points in 36 matches. All-rounder Ajinkya Kapre has scored 16 raid points and 1 tackle points in 5 matches. These two will be the strong pillars of Mumba offense in PKL 8.