Do this if you want to do a ‘lion jump’ like Pawan

Pawan Kumar Sehrawat and his Lion Jump are not new to Kabaddi fans. The jump was made by Pawan in the sixth season of Pro Kabaddi against Patna Pirates. At this time Pawan was about 6 feet above the ground. The Lion Jump of Pawan became hugely famous after this raid. Many youngsters who play kabaddi think that we too should be able to do lion jump like Pawan. Pawan himself recently revealed exactly what needs to be done to make the lion jump successful. He was speaking at a live session on “Beyond the Mat” hosted by the Pro Kabaddi League’s Instagram handle.

Speaking at the time, Pawan said,
“If you want to jump, the most important thing is that your core muscles are strong. If the core muscles are strong, you can easily jump. So I exercise my core muscles every day. I can’t practice in the current situation. But I do core exercises. Whenever I get on the mat again, I can start jumping as before. ”

“It’s not just the core muscles that are strong when jumping. How you land is just as important. If you fall on your shoulders or arms while landing, it can hurt. So you have to pay attention to how the landing is done after the jump. The upper part of your body needs to be strong as well.”

Pawan was nicknamed ‘High Flyer’ because of his ability to jump high. Pawan had won the Most Valuable Player award in the sixth season of Pro Kabaddi. He scored a whopping tally of 360 points in the seventh season. “