For the first time in the history of national kabaddi, the outcome of the match was decided by coin toss

The 47th Junior National Kabaddi Championship is being held at Suryapeth in Telangana for the last three days. A strange incident in this competition yesterday caught everyone’s attention. The result of the boys’ match between Gujarat and Punjab in the morning session was decided by toss-up.

It so happened that in the morning session, Gujarat was playing a Group F match against Punjab. In this match, Gujarat had taken a 25-18 lead over Punjab at half time. However, in the second half of the match, both the teams suddenly changed their minds. Both teams suddenly started playing defensively and rewarding the opposing team.

Both Gujarat and Punjab are in Group F. The runners-up in this group were to face the winner in Group C. The team from Group C was to be Chandigarh. Therefore, Gujarat and Punjab did not want their match against Chandigarh but against a relatively weak team Delhi. So both teams were playing to lose.

When the umpires noticed this, they stopped the match. Since both the teams were not playing well, the umpires decided to make the decision of the match by tossing a coin. The team that wins the toss will play Delhi. Punjab won the toss. This gave them a chance to play Delhi in the knockout stages. Probably for the first time in the history of the National Kabaddi Championship, a match was won by a coin toss. The match was played in the morning session and not many spectators were present. So no one noticed. Later, however, the same thing was discussed throughout the day.