Gujarat Fortune Giants invites good health through Aerial Yoga!

Ahmedabad, June 21, 2019On the occasion of the World Yoga Day on June 21, the sheer experience of a novel form of exercise in Ahmedabad caught attention. Pro Kabbadi League’s team, Gujarat Fortune Giants’ (GFG) players were introduced to aerial yoga by Gopi Trivedi.

Enterprising with Biorhythm Antigravity studio, Gopi wished the group wellbeing and started with meditation. Later, this session extended into practicing a few traditional yoga poses for a total body workout of the players. Understanding its focus and putting thought to imbibe this in their daily fitness regime were team players Sachin Tanwar, Sonu Gahlawat, Lalit Chaudhary, Ruturaj Koravi, Vinod Kumar, Amit Kharb, Sonu Jaglan, Sumit Malik, Ankit Bhainswal and Gurvinder Singh.