He was never fond of sports, now he is a Pro Kabaddi winner

In order to be successful in sports, it is very important to be interested in the sport we play. This hobby makes it easy to master the game. In this article, we will look at the story of a player who did not like the field of sports at all. Yet he went on to become a renowned kabaddi player and is today one of the leading kabaddi players in India. This player is Rohit Kumar. He is the one who led the Patna Pirates and Bengaluru Bulls to the title of Pro Kabaddi.

Rohit recently revealed this. Speaking at the ‘Beyond the Mat’ event organized by the Pro Kabaddi League, he said,

“When I was a child, I was not interested in sports. My school seniors used to play kabaddi. But watching former India captain Rakesh Kumar inspired me to play kabaddi. My father was also a kabaddi player. He stopped playing kabaddi when he started working in the Delhi Police. He wanted me to play kabaddi, so he took me to watch kabaddi matches. In these matches, players like Rakesh Kumar and Manjeet played. I thought it would be great if I could become a player like Rakesh. That’s how I started playing kabaddi. ”

“I didn’t just play kabaddi. I thought it would be better to play individual sports than team sports like kabaddi. I also excelled in 100 meters, 200 meters, high jump and long jump. But I was well versed in kabaddi. I chose kabaddi because my father advised me to consider it as a career. ”

“Soon I started playing in national tournaments for the state team. I was very happy when I got the kit bag for the first time. When I wore the Delhi jersey for the first time, the thought of getting the Indian jersey struck me. Of course, I worked hard and soon got a place in the Indian team.”

Going forward, Rohit won a gold medal from India in the 2016 South Asian Games. He also won the Pro Kabaddi League with Patna Pirates and Bangalore Bulls.