He won the gold medal for getting the bullet

Every player has a goal in life. They are willing to work hard to achieve this goal. Then when that goal is achieved, the happiness is something else. A kabaddi player in the nineties had set a similar goal. The goal was to get a place in the Indian Kabaddi team! And for that, he was going to be rewarded with a bullet. The kabaddi player is Manpreet Singh, the coach of the Gujarat Fortune Giants team in the Pro Kabaddi League. Manpreet recently revealed this on the ‘Beyond the Mat’ event organized from the Instagram handle of the Pro Kabaddi League.

Manpreet said,
“As a child, I was not very good at studies. I have been beaten many times by my family members. Recognizing that I was not paying attention to my studies, my grandfather Sardar Palsing finally allowed me to play kabaddi. He sent me to Patiala to practise under coach Sher Singh.  I started practising, but as I was not used to it, I ran home in a few days. ”

“Of course, my grandfather felt bad about this. He calmly explained it to me once again. He said, ‘If you go ahead and get a place in the Indian Kabaddi team, I will give you a bullet.” Now I started working hard. I started practising as much as possible. Soon I started playing for Punjab. ”

“While playing in the senior national kabaddi tournament from Punjab, the then coach of the Indian team, E Prasad Rao, saw my game and offered to play for India. Along with the place in the Indian team, he also guaranteed me a job.”

“I did not go home for six months after joining the Indian team. The Indian team had a training camp at Gandhinagar in Gujarat. India won the gold medal in the competition that followed. When I showed the gold medal to my grandfather, he bought me a new bullet and gave it to me as a gift. I still have the bullet. I don’t let anyone else use it except my younger brother. I will cherish this mark of my grandfather for the rest of my life. ”

Manpreet played one season in Pro Kabaddi from Patna Pirates. This season, he led the Patna team to the title.