Here is why Ajay is everyone’s favourite – Rohit showers praise

The popularity of Ajay Thakur, the former captain of the Indian Kabaddi team, is well known. Fans of Ajay’s game and his leadership style can be seen all over India and abroad. Ajay’s popularity is not limited to fans. Ajay Thakur is also loved by many Indian players as a captain. This was recently revealed at the ‘Beyond the Mat’ event organized by the Pro Kabaddi League.

The last episode of Beyond the Mat was aired last week. Bengaluru Bulls captain Rohit Kumar had graced the occasion with his presence. This time Rohit was asked, “Who is your favourite captain in the Pro Kabaddi League?” Rohit did not spend much time thinking and immediately mentioned Ajay Thakur’s name. The show’s host was surprised to hear Rohit’s reply and said, “Maninder Singh, Pawan Sehrawat, Deepak Hooda, who all came before you on this show, all mentioned Ajay’s name. What is the reason that you all like Ajay as the captain?”

Answering this question, Rohit said,

“I have been playing kabaddi with Ajay for a long time. He has been playing for India for the last several years. His ability to bring the team together is commendable. Ajay is a very calm man. He never gets angry with anyone. Be it an experienced player or a new player, Ajay treats everyone equally. Ajay is a great example of how to be an ideal captain. ”

Under Rohit’s leadership, the Bangalore Bulls won their sixth season of Pro Kabaddi.