Here’s how Rohit Kumar recites his favorite actor’s dialogue

Pro Kabaddi League will commence from 22nd December. Before that Telugu Titans skipper Rohit Kumar had an amazing question answer session. Under the segment ‘Titans Super 10’ Captain Rohit Kumar replied to some questions regarding teammates, his likings and favorite hero.

He recited his favorite dialogue too which can be seen in the video on Telugu Titans Instagram page.

Questions and Rohit’s answers are as follows:

Q: What is your favourite food?

A: Chiken Biryani

Q: Who loves food the most in your team?

A: Sandeep

Q: Which teammate is most afraid of coach?

A: Ankit

Q: Who is your Kabaddi idol?

A: Rakesh Kumar

Q: Which teammate makes everyone laugh at camp?

A: Surinder

Q: Who has the best beard in the team?

A: Me

Q: Favourite holiday destination?

A: Bali

Q: Who is your favourite hero?

A: Akshay Kumar.

Q: What other sports do you follow?

A: Swimming and Football

Q: Which app do you use the most?

A: Instagram

Q: Favourite dialogue of Akshay Kumar?

A: Joh Main Bolta Hoon Woh Main Karta Hoon … Joh Main Nahi Bolta Woh Main Definitely Karta Hoon…