How A Raid Can Change The Whole Dynamics Of The Game In Pro Kabaddi

The Vivo Pro Kabaddi League which was started in 2014 has given Kabaddi fans lot of exciting & intriguing moments like close & heartbreaking losses, historic moments, and game changing raids. Over the years fans have come across many such memories.

Season nine is currently ongoing in Pune. One phase is already over in Bengaluru. Almost 61 matches are played till now. With this, Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex witnessed a never seen before moment in the league’s history yesterday (5th November).

The encounter between Tamil Thalaivas & Telugu Titans was undergoing with Tamil Thalaivas leading the scoreboard 30-29. One & a half minute was still left on the clock. It could have been anyone’s game from there on since it was just a one point lead.

Thalaiva’s Ajinkya Pawar went for the raid. He crossed the baulk line but was caught by Telugu’s whole defense. Everybody in the stadium thought that he is tackled. So Telugu Titans will get a point & eventually the score will be equal to 30-30. But no!! That was not the case!!

Even though being tackled by the whole defense Ajinkya fought & managed to cross the midline keeping in the mind that referees did not blow the whistle yet. It was Ajinkya’s presence of mind which led him to earn 6 points in his single raid.

With both teams had no review left there was no chance for reviewing the decision. Telugu got all-out & then Thalaivas won the match. 30 seconds turned the whole match in favor of Tamil where Ajinkya dismissed 6 defenders in single raid.

It was the only second time in history of Pro Kabaddi where raider had swiped the six defenders in one go. In season 5 Patna Pirates skipper Pardeep Narwal did the same thing where he scored 6 raid points in a raid against Haryana Steelers.

Ajinkya has shown that how one should be aware of the game. He could have gone in the dugout after being caught. But when he saw the raid is not finished yet, there is a still chance for points he crossed the midline.

This is a perfect example of how a single raid of 30 seconds can turn the whole match.