IIPKL: Mumbai Che Raje defeats Pondicherry Predators by 33-30

Mumbai Che Raje scored their 3rd win defeating Pondicherry Predators by 33-29 in their seventh match of the league. The match was equally contested and both teams scored 6 points each in the first quarter. However, Mumbai scored 10 points against Pondicherry’s 6 points in the second quarter taking a lead of 16-12. Both teams scored 17 points each in the second half of the match, but the lead of 4 points gained by Mumbai in the second quarter proved to be the deciding factor, making Mumbai Che Raje win the match with a final score of 33-29 in their favor.

Maniveera Kantha scored 7  and Mahesh Magdum scored 6 raid points respectively for Mumbai Che Raje.  For Pondicherry Predators R Suresh Kumar scored the maximum 10 raid points but could not save his team from loosing the match.