India beat Thailand by 19 points in its last group stage match

After a disappointing defeat got from South Korea Indian team is back on winning ways. India won their last group match against Thailand 49-30.

Skipper Ajay Thakur went on the first raid but was caught by Thailand defense. Then after he was substituted with Rahul Chaudhary. He was kept out by the coach so as to keep him fit for the semis.

India inflicted its first all-out on Thailand at 7th minute. Then Thailand made comeback but was not enough to reduce the points deficit. First-half belonged to India as the score was 21-12. But failures of Indian raiders was the main query for Coach.

Rahul Chaudhary stole the show in the second half for India. Pardeep also supported him very well. Mohit Chhillar and Sandeep Narwal were brilliant as defenders.

Indian team inflicted two all-outs on the Thailand team whereas in return they got one all-out on them.

All 12 players got the chance to play in the match. The Indian coach did experiments with defense by sending Mohit in place of right cover and Deepak Hooda in place of a right corner which was surprising.

Girish Ernak and Deepak Hooda’s failure is still a worry for the coach. Even raiders have been caught very well by Thailand defense. Indian team and coach will have to work on these things so as to face semi-final challenge.

Tomorrow is the rest day for India. They will play semi-final on 23rd August.