Japan Men’s Team Is Announced For Asian Games 2022

Kabaddi sport was included as a discipline in the 11th Asian Games Beijing 1990. Women’s Kabaddi was included at 2010 Asian Games Guangzhou. Indian woman’s team won the Gold Medal of Kabaddi there. In the next Asian Games held at Incheon 2014 Indian team defended their gold medal.

Jakarta Asian Games 2018 were turned out to be revolutionary for the game of Kabaddi. Iran women’s Kabaddi team won the Gold medal there. Indian women’s Kabaddi team had to satisfy on Silver medal there. Hangzhou, China to host the 19th Asian Games.

Kabaddi matches are scheduled from 2nd to 7th October. All the matches will take place at Xiaoshan Guali Sports Centre Hangzhou, China. Currently all teams are practising hard for the competition.

Japan Kabaddi Association has is announced 12 players squad. They will represent their country at Asian Games Hangzhou 2022. They are Silver medalist of Asian Games 2018.

Japan Men’s Squad for 19th Asian Games, Hangzhou 2022:

Masayuki Shimokawa, Hiroto Chiba, Yuten Kawate, Abe Tetsuro, Hyuma Kurushima, Masaki Hatakeyama, Garyo Kono, Aratake Daiki, Etsuki Manita & Kazuhiro Takano.