Maharashtra starts with a win at Junior National Kabaddi Tournament

The Maharashtra boys team has given a winning start in the 47th Junior National Kabaddi Championship at Suryapeth in Telangana. They defeated Madhya Pradesh 49-46.

Maharashtra’s was considered to be a heavyweight team against Madhya Pradesh. But Madhya Pradesh unexpectedly made Maharashtra fight hard for the win. At half time, Madhya Pradesh had a five point lead of 25-20.

After Madhya Pradesh led for a long time in the second half, Maharashtra finally managed to equalize. But even after this, both the teams struggled to take the lead till the end. While Madhya Pradesh had a 39-37 lead, they increased the lead to 43-37 by imposing an all out. After that, Maharashtra made a very strong comeback to win the game by 49-46.

Though Maharashtra won the match, there was talk in kabaddi circles that they were struggling against a team like Madhya Pradesh.