Mahindra & Mahindra, Shivshakti crowned champions at Mumbai Mayor Kabaddi Championship

Mumbai: Mumbai Mayor Kabaddi Championships witnessed the much anticipated finals amidst a huge crowd. In the Men’s division Mahindra and Mahindra clinched the title and in the women’s division its was Shivshakti that lifted the trophy. Anand Patil and Sonali Shingate were awarded the player of the season (LED Television) in the respective category for their fabulous performance in the entire season.

In the women’s division team Shivshakti took on Rajmata Jijau in the final. It was a display of defensive skills from both the teams in the first half which resulted in a 10-10 half time score. Both the teams had 07-07 points each in the defense.

It was Sonali Shingate of Shivshakti that took the charge and grabbed some crucial points in the raiding department to give a much needed lead to her team. In the opposition, Sayali Keripale and Neha Ghadge did try and make a mark but it was just not enough to take their team home with a victory. It was Team Shivshakti that finally defeated 32-17 in a rather dominant performance post the first half that sealed their victory over the opposition.

In the Men’s division, Mahindra dominated since the first half where the score was 25-11. In the second half however Central Railway came in with a plan in mind and executed it well to an extent to reduce the lead to mere 35-32 in favour of Mahindra and Mahindra. The match could have swung into anyone’s favor, but as they say fortune favour’s the brave, it was Mahindra and Mahindra who held their nerve in the crucial situation and their key player Ruturaj Koravi coming into the party they won the final 38-32 to clinch the title of Champions of Mumbai Mayor Kabaddi Championship. Anand Patil and Ruturaj Koravi from Mahindra and Mahindra scored 10 points and 09 points respectively in the raid.



Men’s Division:

1) Mahindra and Mahindra

2) Central Railway

3) Dena Bank

4) Mumbai Harbour

Best Raider: Nitin Deshmukh (Dena Bank)

Best Defender: Paresh Chavan (Central Railway)

Player of the Tournament: Anand Patil (Mahindra and Mahindra)


Women’s Division

1) Shivshakti Women’s Team, Mumbai

2) Rajmata Jijau, Pune

3) Suvarna Yug, Pune

4) Mahatma Gandhi Sports, Upnagar

Best Raider: Sayali Keripale (Rajmata Jijau)

Best Defender: Payal Ghevare (Rajmata Jijau)

Player of the Tournament: Sonali Shingate (Shivshakti)

Photo courtesy: Dinesh Ghadigoankar