Online Workshop for Kabaddi Referees in Maharashtra

Organising Online Workshop (Webinar) on Kabaddi Rules and Implementation for Maharashtra State Level Kabaddi Referees on behalf of the Referee Committee of
Maharashtra State Kabaddi Association in collaboration with Pune District Kabaddi Association.

Due to the current situation of the corona virus epidemic all the Kabaddi referees in Maharashtra are at home. The above initiative has been implemented for the purpose of reviewing the Kabaddi rules to all those umpires. More than 400 Kabaddi referees from Maharashtra
have registered their online participation in this initiative.

The workshop will be guided by Minanath Dhanji, Shashi Raut, Ajit Patil, Satish Suryavanshi, Ravindra Mhatre, Rajendra Andekar and other former Kabaddi experts from Maharashtra. On the other hand, Mangal Pandey, Ravindra Desai, Manohar Indulkar, Hareshwar Koli, Ramesh Bhendigiri and other dignitaries will also guide from their experience.
The online seminar will be inaugurated online tomorrow May 6 at 7-30 p.m. by Aswad Patil of Maharashtra State Kabaddi Association. The program will be conducted from May 6 to 15 from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm and will be hosted by National Kabaddi Referee Yogesh Yadav from Pune.