PKL 7 Semifinal 2 Analysis – Bengal Warriors v/s U Mumba

Saiprasad Kagne

In the 2nd Semifinal of PKL 7, Bengal Warriors faced U Mumba, who destroyed Haryana Steelers in the Eliminators. Bengal Warriors was probably the most complete side in PKL 7 while U Mumba had peaked on the right time with their in-form players. In this article, we will have a detailed analysis of Semifinal 2 with an analytical approach.

Analysis of Semi-final 2 – Bengal Warriors v/s U Mumba

First Half

Starting 7 of both the teams looks very powerful, however its semifinal game which brings lots of pressure as well. U Mumba starts effectively with 1+1 points in raid and defense individually. In time, Do-or-Die raid for U Mumba and Baldev’s shows his signature move i.e ‘Back hold’ and successfully tackled the raider. Now, for couple of minutes both the teams were playing very carefully and were waiting for just 1 mistake from their opponents.

As a result, When the scorecard was 7-7 Bengal Warriors does an Unsuccessful advanced tackle and made U Mumba 7-8 ahead in the game. U Mumba is already struggling with their defense unit in this game and Sukesh’s 2 pointer raid which includes Fazel and Harendra 2 quality defenders suddenly made U Mumba on the backfoot. Consequently, this made U Mumba to concede an all-out in the last 5 minutes of the 1st Half which ended with (18-12) in favour of Bengal Warriors.

Second Half

Now, the same scenario was observed with Abhishek Singh as that of in 1st Half in terms of extra points i.e till now U Mumba has conceded 5 extra points in the game in which 2 of them were from Abhishek as self-outs. This again made panic into U Mumba’s side and eventually Sukesh took advantage of that by scoring 4 pointer raid for Bengal Warriors in the 13th minute of the match and suddenly their leads from 5 points jumps to 9 points. U Mumba were consistently losing points in the similar way.

At last, they were unsuccessful in recovering from this situation and they again conceded an all-out with 10 mins remaining in the match. Now, they need some magical moments in order to make an comeback into the game and similar kind of scenario happens with 4 pointer raid for U Mumba by Ajinkya and with this a little ray of hope arises in U Mumba’s side. They played their A-1 game in the last 5 mins of the match by making Bengal Warriors all-out for the 1st time in this match. Bengal Warriors slightly were in the pressure and conceded a tackle point which made the scores level at (35-35). Now, all the story stands at one place in the final raid ended with Bengal Warrior’s tackle point on Arjun made them to enter the finals for the 1st time ever in PKL Campaign (37-35).