Poland Team Is All Set For Bangabandhu Cup 2023

The Bangabandhu Kabaddi Cup is an International Kabaddi Tournament organised by Bangladesh Kabaddi Federation in Bangladesh. The third season of this tournament will be commenced from 11th to 22nd March 2023.

The matches will be played in Dhaka city. The tournament took place for the very first time in 2021. It was major boost to International Kabaddi in the Covid times & notable success of Bangladesh whose National Sport is Kabaddi.

The first Bangabandhu Cup Kabaddi title was won by Bangladesh. Kenya team stood as runner up. Apart from Bangladesh, Kenya, Poland, Nepal & Srilanka were the other three teams who also appeared in the competition.

In second season Bangladesh was champion & Kenya was runner-up. Poland & Argentina missed second season. Apart from Bangladesh, Kenya, Nepal, Srilanka new teams such as England, Iraq, Indonesia & Malaysia participated here.

The upcoming third season will see the participation of twelve countries. Bangladesh, Nepal, Kenya, Srilanka, Poland, Argentina, England, Iraq, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand & Chinese Taipei will participate in this tournament.

Poland team had participated in the first season here. But they were not able to participate in the season due to Poland Ukraine War. Poland Kabaddi Federation has announced the team for this third edition.

Poland Team For Banganandhu Cup 2023:

Michal Spiczko, Piotr Pamulak, Anton Chemlow, Sombir Bura, Krystian Krol, Ronil Patni, Bartlomiej Gorniak, Krzysztof Sawicki, Piotr Gawecki, Szymon Bieniek & Damian Luc

Coach – Satish Siwach, Team Manager – Aleksander Bula, Assistant Coach – Anna Kalbarczyk, Referee –Patryk Lazurek