Puneri Paltan makes a roaring comeback, demolishes Patna Pirates

Patna, 4th August 2019: Puneri Paltan began the Patna leg with a smashing win against Patna Pirates. The team put in an extremely strong performance to register their first victory of the season.

This is the 2nd victory for the team against Patna Pirates in PKL history. Puneri Paltan made a strong start which gave them a colossal lead against Patna. The defence scored a total of 17 tackle points in 26 tackles. They had a team tackle score of 65. Pune showed their defensive prowess led by Girish Ernak who scored 4 tackle points in 5 tackles. He was well supported by their Captain Surjeet Singh who scored 3 tackle points in 3 tackles. Raider Manjeet also scored 3 tackle points from 4 tackles in the match.

The team as a whole got Pardeep out a total of 8 times in the match. He scored 6 raid points in 13 raids. However, he did not get any support from other raiders, Jang Kun Lee and Mohammad Esmaeil both were scoreless in raiding. Patna’s defence also struggled to get it going for Patna Pirates. Out of the 26 tackles they attempted, 15 were unsuccessful tackles.

Amit Kumar played an important role in both raiding and defending scoring a total of 9 points. He scored 5 raid points in 8 raids. Amit Kumar also had 4 tackle points in 6 tackles. He was perfect for the day in defence. Pankaj Mohite put in an electrifying performance against Patna with a 100% raid success rate. He scored 8 points in 8 raids.