Rishank says imbibing these three things can make you a fine raider!

Rishank Devadiga recently commented on what you need to look for if you want to be a good raider in Kabaddi. Rishank was speaking at a live session ‘Beyond the Mat’ hosted by the Pro Kabaddi League’s Instagram handle.

Rishank was asked what skills kabaddi players need to be a good raider. Answering this question, Rishank said,

“I think Raider should have good speed and good footwork. Most importantly, he should be fearless. Only if Raider is fearless can he have the ability to score points by attacking seven players of the opposing team. These three things have been the pillars of my game to date.”

This time, Rishank commented on another important thing. Before every match, Rishank thinks about the entire match. Does he also think about how each of the raids in that match will be? Speaking about it, Rishank said,

“Before each match, I set aside some time for myself. I sit alone and visualize how I can get maximum points in the match. Using this method makes it easier for me to get my body to respond depending on the situation in the match. This visualization helps me understand the opposition’s strengths and weaknesses before the game. It makes me mentally prepared before I go to raid. I also meditate often. It helps me to prepare mentally before the match.”

Rishank had won the Pro Kabaddi title while playing for U Mumba. He currently plays for the UP Yodha team.