State organizations should be included in the coach selection process – K Jagdishwar Yadav

The online meeting of the Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India was held recently. The meeting decided the venues for the national level competitions. The meeting also discussed the selection process of coaches for various Indian Kabaddi teams. K Jagadishwar Rao of Telangana Kabaddi Association said that state kabaddi associations should be included in the coach selection process.

The names of the coaches for the Asian Beach Kabaddi Championships were recently announced by the Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India. Rao expressed his views in this regard. The Kabaddi Federation of India invites applications for coaching posts by placing advertisements on its website. No information about this is given to the state organizations or their secretaries. Therefore, this information about the selection process does not reach many quality coaches and they are deprived of applying for this process.

Instead, the federation should involve state kabaddi associations in the process. Rao suggested that only applications sent by state kabaddi associations should be considered for the selection process. The administrators said that from now on, the state associations will be informed about the selection process of any coach considering the suggestions made by Rao. Upon receipt of this information, the State Kabaddi Association may instruct the coaches in their state to apply for the available posts.