Sujeet Singh to lead Tamil Thalaivas; K Prapanjan vice captain

Vivo Pro Kabaddi League season eight will commence from 22nd December. Bengaluru will be hosting the entire season 8. This will be the first time in the history of PKL, where entire season is going to be held in one city.

A franchise from South India, Tamil Thalaivas today announced their captain for the season 8. The team will be lead by ace defender Surjeet Singh. In earlier seasons Surjeet Singh has been captain of Bengal Warriors and Puneri Paltan. Surjeet Singh has scored 278 tackle points in 94 matches. His average is 2.76 tackle points per game and has 27 high 5s to his name. His major challenge will be setting up the defense which consists of young players.

K Prapanjan will be the vice captain of Tamil Thalaivas. He has clinched a total of 366 raid points in 83 matches played. He has scored 10 super 10s and his average is 4.4 raid points per match. Manjeet Dahiya, Athul MS will be his partners in raiding.

Surjeet Singh as a captain and K Prapanjan as a vice captain will be aiming play-offs spot for the team after series of disappointing performances by the them.

Performance of Surjeet Singh in PKL:

Season 3 – 48 Tackle Points – 12 Matches Played

10Season 4 – 37 Tackle Points – 14 Matches Played

Season 5 – 76 Tackle Points – 24 Matches Played

Season 6 – 54 Tackle Points – 23 Matches Played

Season 7 – 63 Tackle Points – 21 Matches Played

Performance of K Prapanjan in PKL:

Season 2 – 05 Raid Points – 04 Matches Played

Season 3 – 02 Raid Points – 04 Matches Played

Season 4 – 12 Raid Points – 11 Matches Played

Season 5 – 123 Raid Points – 22 Matches Played

Season 6 – 122 Raid Points – 22 Matches Played

Season 7 – 102 Raid Points – 20 Matches Played