The hackers now set their target the former Indian captain, take over his Instagram!

Former Indian Kabaddi captain Ajay Thakur has fallen prey to hackers. These hackers hacked his Instagram account last evening. Ajay is the Kabaddi player with the most (283,000) followers on Instagram. The hackers also uploaded several photos with the Instagram logo on Ajay’s account.

It so happened that these hackers sent a message to Ajay on Instagram. In it, they said that Ajay had infringed copyright. They pretended to be an Instagram employee. The message also said that if you don’t reply to this message, your account will be closed. As soon as Ajay clicked on the link in this message, hackers took control of his account.

As soon as it was noticed that Ajay’s account had been hacked, his colleagues Vishal Bhardwaj, Rohit Rana shared the story on their Instagram and informed the fans about it. Ajay is the third kabaddi player to be caught by hackers in recent times. Earlier, the accounts of Shrikant Jadhav and Rohit Kumar were also hacked.