Things you need to know about Pro Kabaddi’s rules and regulations

Kabaddi, an indigenous game was referred to as a village sport is now reaching all over the world. Pro Kabaddi League which was started in 2014 gave a new life to the sport and as a result, it has become hugely popular.

For the upcoming 6th season of PKL auction was held in the month of May where Monu Goyat became the most expensive player in the PKL history. With a price tag of Rs 1.51 Crores, he became the highest-paid non-cricket sportsman in Kabaddi.

PKL Season 6 will commence from 7th October 2018 to 5th January 2019. 12 teams will take part in the league. The season will have non-stop Kabaddi action for almost 3 months.

Like any other sport, Kabaddi also has its set of rules and regulations abiding to which Kabaddi is played.

Rules of Pro Kabaddi League :

1) Each team must have minimum 10 or maximum 12 players – 7 on the mat to play, 5 for the substitutions.

2) Match duration is 40 minutes which has 2 halves of 20 minutes each.

3) In Pro Kabaddi league a raid is of 30 seconds.

4) A team gets one point for getting an opponent out.

5) The team that wins the toss shall have the choice of the court, or the raid, and the team that loses the toss shall have the remaining choice. In the second half, the court is changed and the team, which did not opt for raid shall send their raider first. The game in the second half is continued with the same number of players as it was at the end of the first half.

6)  For getting a bonus point, a raider is required to cross the bonus line, placing his one foot inside the bonus line and the other one in the air without grounding outside the area. Bonus points do not get a revival in Kabaddi.

7) Before crossing the mid-line a player must start chanting ‘Kabaddi’ withholding his breath till he returns to his home court. If he fails to do so he is declared out.

8) If a raider gets out 3 or more defenders in his one raid the raid is said to be Super Raid.

9) When a raider does 2 consecutive empty raids i.e. fails to score touch point or bonus point in 2 raids, the 3rd raid is a do-or-die raid for him. It becomes mandatory for him to score in a do-or-die raid otherwise he gets out and opposition team is awarded with 1 point.

10) During a raid if raider enters into a lobby or if any part of his body touches outside the court (outside any end line) without getting touch on defender he is said to be out.

11) When one or two players of a team are left during the game and the Captain of the team declares them out in order to bring in the full team, the opponent shall score as many points as the players that existed in the court at the time of declaration as well as two extra points for ALL-OUT.

12) If more than one player goes for a raid referee sends them back, calls that raid invalid and no player is said to be out.

13) During the defense if any defender touches or crosses end-line he is said to be out.

14) If a raider is tackled by 3 or fewer defenders the defender’s team gets 2 points instead of 1 and a tackle is said to be Super Tackle.

15) Players who are out are revived in the same order as they were out.

16) Each Team is allowed to take One Time Out of 90 Seconds each per match. Time out shall be called for by the Captain, Coach or any playing member of the team with the permission of referee. During the time out, the Match clock is paused and gets restart on the commencement of the next raid which has to start on the blow of the whistle by the referee / umpire.

17) Any match may include One Referee, Two Umpires, One Scorer, Two Assistant Scorers and any other technical official are there during the match.

18) Each team is allowed a maximum number of 5 substitutions per match with the permission of referee. Substituted player will not re-substituted without using the remaining substitution chances.

19) If a score is equaled by the end of the time each team gets 5 extra raids.

20) Umpire can give warning to the player for illicit behavior or can disqualify him or his team for the match.