Third one for Pardeep, Pawan’s Hattrick or someone else?

Third one for Pardeep, Pawan's Hattrick or someone else?

The Pro Kabaddi League has gone through seven seasons to date. Different records were set in each season and the old ones were broken. One of these records is often discussed i.e ‘Raider to score the most raid points in a season’.
Looking at the statistics of the seven seasons so far, the players who get the most raid points in each season are as follows.

Season 1 – Anup Kumar – 155
Season 2 – Kashiling Adke – 114
Season 3 – Pardeep Narwal – 116
Season 4 – Rahul Chaudhary – 146
Season 5 – Pardeep Narwal – 369
Season 6 – Pawan Sehrawat – 271
Season 7 – Pawan Sehrawat – 346

Pardeep and Pawan, popularly known as record-breaker and highflyer, have both scored the most raid points in two seasons each. So now everyone will be watching whether Pardeep creates his magic for the third time or Pawan manages to outscore to claim hattrick of the record.

Though there is talk of Pardeep and Pawan, players like Naveen Kumar and Siddharth Desai can’t be ignored. Naveen had scored 301 and Siddharth 217 raid points in the seventh season. So fans will be curious to know who will score the most raid points in the upcoming season of Pro Kabaddi.