To get married or to play in a national tournament? Kabaddi player forced to withdraw from national tournament

The 68th Senior Men’s Group National Kabaddi Championship has been organized in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh from 13th to 16th April 2021. The selection trial of the Maharashtra State team participating in this competition was recently held at Baramati, Pune. About 100-110 players from different districts of the state participated in this trial. Some of the players from this trial have been selected for the training camp. One of these players had to withdraw from the camp and, also possibly from the national competition for a unique reason.
The name of this player is Aamir Dhumal. Aamir, a player from Raigad district, had arrived in Baramati for the Maharashtra State team selection trial. He also took part in the selection trial. After the selection trial was over in two days, all the participating players returned to their respective homes. This is where Aamir’s problem starts!
The training camp will be held from March 27 to April 8 at Baramati. Aamir will tie the knot on April 7 during this camp. So he wondered if he should attend his own wedding or go to a training camp. Currently, due to the situation created by Corona, it is mandatory for all players to produce  Corona test certificate upon reaching Baramati. So even if Aamir had been selected for the training camp, he would not have been able to leave the camp and go to his own wedding. Had he chosen to attend wedding, it would not have been possible to return to the camp.
Whether Aamir was selected for the training camp or not is still not clear, but his name was at the forefront from Raigad district. Had he participated in the camp, perhaps his name could have appeared in the Maharashtra team for the national tournament. But due to his own marriage, he will now have to skip the training and ultimately the tournament as well.