What exactly happened with Shrikant Jadhav’s Instagram account ?

The Instagram account of Shrikant Jadhav, a player of UP Yodha team in Pro Kabaddi, was recently hacked by hackers. As a result, Srikant had to close the account. For a few hours, he lost contact with about 75,000 fans.

Srikant recently commented on exactly what happened in this case. Talking about exactly how your Instagram account was hacked, he said,

“I received a message on Instagram. The message was to provide your information to verify your account. I provided the information because I thought the message was from Instagram. Some other players also received the same message along with me. But they chose to ignore it. Within two hours of providing my information, all my information was removed from the account.

After that, I tried to contact them by texting them. However, they responded to me the next day. They gave me a threatening message that we would close your account. At the same time, a fake message was sent to many people from my account. All my photos were deleted by hackers. They had full control of my account.

After this many people called me and told me that the message was fake. I was also told on the phone by my team UP Yodha that my account has been hacked. After this, all attempts to get my account recovered failed. I have lodged a complaint with Cyber ​​Cell. It may take a long time. So I started a new account. I hope this kind of thing that happened to me will work as a learning for other players and they will take care of it from now on. ”

You can now follow Srikanth on his new Instagram account. His Instagram ID is shrikantjadhav_22.