Bonus Queen Sonali Shingate is definitely a name to reckon with

In the recently concluded 67th Senior National Kabaddi Championship, the Indian Railways team emerged victorious in both the Men’s and Women’s division that too for two consecutive years.

In the women’s division, it was Sonali Shingate who made a difference and was crucial in her side winning the trophy. In the final of the tournament, Indian Railways was struggling against Himachal Pradesh when Sonali made her presence felt in the game.

By the half time Railways had a meager one-point lead which in the second half reached 34-31 in favor of Railways with 5 consecutive bonus point raids by Sonali. In this thrilling encounter, Sonali grabbed a total of 13 points with 8 points in bonus. These points made a massive impact which helped Railways clinch the title after defeating Himachal Pradesh.

Sonali began her journey with Maharashtra Kabaddi team but for the past 3-4 years, she has been a strong pillar in the Railway’s lineup and has been consistent with her performances. In this year’s national tournament, Sonali upped her game in the knockouts and played brilliantly displaying her skill sets on the mat in much-needed conditions that helped her team retain the championship.

In this tournament, Sonali played a total of 6 matches with 67 raids accumulating a total of 46 points. She also managed to complete her super ten in the quarter-final and final of the tournament. Sonali has been a standout performer in this senior national championship.