Live coverage: Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Kabaddi Trophy 2018 Islampur

Islampur Sangli, 20th December 2018

Hello and Welcome to KhelKabaddi’s LIVE coverage of the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Trophy Kabaddi Tournament 2018.

Directorate of Youth and Sports Services, Maharashtra Government, Maharashtra State Kabaddi Association with District Sports Officer’s office and Sports Academy, Sangli and Sangli District Kabaddi Association will host the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Trophy Kabaddi Tournament.

One of the Biggest Kabaddi Tournament of Maharashtra. This is 20th Senior Inter-state Kabaddi Tournament. In this tournament Maharashtra state kabaddi assco 24 Teams & Vidharbha Kabaddi Assco 8 teams participates.

The competition will be held in two segments, 16 teams in the men’s section and 16 teams in the women’s section

In the 4-4 group of each section, there will be first play league matches, 8 teams from the men’s section and 8 teams from the women section will be eligible for the knockout round

Opening Ceremony of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Trophy 2018

Opening Ceremony Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Trophy
Match Start

Day 1 Men’s Section First Session:

M1 Group A-  RAIGAD 20 vs BEED 07 (Rematch)

M2 Group B- SANGALI 46 vs AHAMADNAGAR 37 (Sangli win by 19 points)

Women’s Match

Women’s Section First Session:

W1 Group A- PUNE 31 vs SATARA 12 (Rematch)

WE Group B- MUMBAI UP 15 vs RAIGAD 03 (Rematch)

Nitin Madne Raid

3 Matches stop because of Bad Weather Conditions.


Islampur Sangli, 21th December 2018

Good Morning, Day 2 Morning Session

Hello and Welcome to KhelKabaddi’s LIVE coverage of the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Trophy Kabaddi Tournament 2018 Day 2.

Day 2 Women’s Section Morning Session:

W1 Group A- PUNE 59 vs SATARA 54(Pune win by 5 points)

W2W Group B- MUMBAI UP 36 vs RAIGAD 21 (Mumbai up win by 15 points)

Day 2 Men’s Section Morning Session:

M1 Group A-  RAIGAD 46 vs BEED 18 (Raigad win by 28 points)

M3 Group C- THANE 39 vs RATNAGIRI 33 (Thane win by 6 points)

Women’s Section

W3 Group C- RATNAGIRI 48 vs AHAMADNAGAR 15 (Ratnagiri win by 32 points)

W4 Group D- PALGHAR 50 vs SINDHUDURG 08 (Palghar win by 43 points)

Men’s Section

M4 Group D- MUMBAI CITY 47 vs NASHIK 29 (Mumbai City win by 18 points)

M5 Group A- NANDURBAR 54 vs AMARAVATI 20  (Nandurbar win by 34 points )

Women’s Section

W5 Group A THANE 45 vs AMARAVATI 17 (Thane win by 28 points)

W6 Group B NASHIK 28 vs NAGPUR 24 (Nashik win by 04 points)

Men’s Section

M6 Group B KOLHAPUR 34 vs NAGPUR 15 (Kolhapur win by 19 points)

M7 Group C PUNE 39 vs BHANDARA 14 (Pune win by 25 points)

Women’s Section

W7 Group C MUMBAI CITY 52 vs AKOLA 07 (Mumbai City win by 45 points

W8 Group D KOLHAPUR 36 vs BULDHANA 10 (Kolhapur win by 26 points

Morning session End


Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Trophy 2018, Day 2 Live Coverage

Evening Session (04:00 pm)

Women’s Section 

W9 Group A PUNE 34 vs THANE 25 (Pune win by 09 points)

W10 Group B MUMBAI UP 43 vs NASHIK 22 (Mumbai up win by 21 points)

Evening session

Men’s Section

M8 Group D MUMBAI UP 40 vs AKOLA 12 (In Progress)

M9 Group A RAIGAD 19 vs NANDURBAR 10 (In Progress)

Women’s Section 

W11 Group C RATNAGIRI 20 vs MUMBAI CITY 27 (Mumbai win by 7 points)

W12 Group D PALGHAR 34 vs KOLHAPUR 32 (Palghar win by 02 points)

Men’s Section

M10 Group B AHAMADNAGAR 22 vs KOLHAPUR 56 (In Kolhapur win by 34 points)

M11 Group C RATNAGIRI 36 vs PUNE 36(Match Tied)

Women’s Section

W13 Group A SATARA 50 vs AMRAVATI 20 (Satara win by 30 points)

W14 Group B RAIGAD 35 vs NAGPUR 15 (Raigad win by 20 points)

Men’s Section

M12 Group D MUMBAI CITY 33 vs MUMBAI UP 19 (Mumbai City win by 14 points)

M13 Group A BEED 37 vs AMRAVATI 29 (Beed win by 8 points)

Women’s Section

W15 Group C AHAMADNAGAR 43 vs AKOLA 18 (Ahamadnagar win by 25 points)

W16 Group D SINDHUDURG 39 vs BULDHANA 23 (Sindhudurg win by 16 points)

Men’s Section

M14 Group B SANGALI 46 vs NAGPUR 18 (Sangli win by 28 points)

M15 Group C THANE 28 vs BHANDARA 05 (Thane win by 23 points)

Women’s Section

W17 Group A PUNE 26 vs AMARAVATI 06 (Pune win by 20 points)

W18 Group B MUMBAI UP 30 vs NAGPUR 04 (Mumbai Up win by 26 points)

Men’s Section

M16 Group D NASHIK 27 vs AKOLA 35 (Akola win by 08 points)

M17 Group A RAIGAD 40 vs AMRAVATI 13 (Raigad win by 27 points)

M18 Group B SANGALI 14 vs KOLHAPUR 11 (Sangli win by 03 points)

Women’s Section

W19 Group C RATNAGIRI 35 vs AKOLA 07 (Ratnagiri win by 28 points)

W20 Group D PAlGHAR 24 vs BULDHANA 09 ( Palghar win by 15 points)

Day 2 End

Good Evening Day 3 (22nd Dev 2018)

Women’s Section

W21 Group A THANE 46 vs SATARA 38 (Thane win by 8 points)

W22 Group D KOLHAPUR 46 vs SINDHUDURG 21 (Kolhapur win 15 points)

Men’s Section

M19 Group B AHAMADNAGAR 51 vs NAGPUR 18 (Ahamadnagar win by 33 points)

M20 Group C RATNAGIRI 52 vs BANDRA 10 (Ratnagiri win by 42 points)

Women’s Section

W23 Group B RAIGAD 17 vs NASHIK 25 (Nashik win by 08 points)

W24 Group C MUMBAI CITY 53 vs AHAMADNAGAR 11( Mumbai City win by 42 points)

Men’s Section

M21 Group D MUMBAI CITY 36 vs AKOLA 10 (Mumbai City win by 26 points)

M22 Group A NANDURBAR 37 vs BEED 11 (Nandurbar win by 26 points)



 Men’s Section

M23 Group C PUNE 15 vs THANE 37 (Thane win by 22 points)

M24 Group D MUMBAI UP 51 vs NASHIK 14 (Mumbai up Win by 37 points)

Women’s Section Quter Final

QF PUNE 35 vs KOLHAPUR 25 (Pune win by 10 points)

QF THANE 41 vs PALGHAR 15 (Thane win 26 points)

QF MUMBAI CITY 49 vs NASHIK 19 (Mumbai city win by 30 point)

QF MUMBAI UP 33 vs RATNAGIRI 33 (Ratnagiri win by 01 point)

Men’s Section Quter Final

QF MUMBAI CITY 43 vs NANDURBAR 32 (Mumbai city win by 11 point)

QF SANGALI 43 vs RATNAGIRI 20 (Sangli win by 23 points)

QF RAIGAD 30 vs MUMBAI UP 46 (Mumbai up win by 16 points)

QF THANE 45 vs KOLHAPUR 38 (Thane win by 07 points)

Good Evening Day 4 (23rd Dec 2018)

Women’s Section Semi Final

SF 1 PUNE 30 vs MUMBAI CITY 32 (Mumbai City win by 02 points)

SF 2 RATNAGIRI 24 vs THANE 19 (Ratnagiri win by 05 points)

Men’s Section Semi Final

SF MUMBAI UP  42 vs THANE 52 (Thane win by 10 points)

SF MUMBAI CITY 39 vs SANGALI 30 (Mumbai City  win by 09 points)

Women’s Final Match

MUMBAI CITY 31 vs RATNAGIRI 17 (Mumbai city win by 14 points)

Men’s Section Final

MUMBAI CITY 34 vs THANE 31 (Mumbai City win by 03 points)

Womens Section Results

Winner Mumbai City

Mumbai City Women’s Team

Runner up Ratnagiri

Ratnagiri Women’s Team

Men’s Section Result

Winner Mumbai City

Mumbai City Men’s Team

Runner-up Thane

Thane Men’s Team

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